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Company History and Business

Dalco International, Inc. has been in business since 1982 selling only quality products to its domestic and international clients.  Dalco prides itself in assisting its customers not only during the procurement phase but will assist the client in the exporting of the products to anywhere in the world.   

Our goal is to assist our customers in getting the right product, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.  We price ourselves in locating hard to find items for our clients and getting it to them as soon as possible.

Dalco International, Inc. serves both private industrial contractors and governmental agencies in both the Petro/Chemical and Electrical Industy.

Our products range from industrial, electrical and instrumentation parts and equipment to scientific and wireless monitoring equipment as well as construction safety/explosion proof equipment.



    Products, Supplies & Equipment  

     Tube Fittings
Leak Detection Monitoring Systems          
Steam Traps
Safety Supplies
Safety Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment                    
Wire Rope
Breathing Air Systems
     Emergency Response Equipment

Calibration Gases
     Detector/Colormetric Tubes
     Fixes Monitor Systems
     Personal Portable Gas Monitor System   


Supplies & Equipment by Manufacturer


Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Dk-Lok USA
ABB Controls
Hex Valve
Marwin Valve
Bestobell Steam Traps
Accutech Leak Detection Systems
B-Line systems
C.R.C. Chemicals                                      
Air Systems
Bausch & Lomb
Bio Systems
Industrial Scientific
Norris Cylinders
North Safety
Respiratory Systems
Scott Health & Safety
Victor Regulators
Western House & Rubber